Our Reality Is Different Than Yours™

Memorial Day ~ Freedom isn’t Free

Memorial Day – the day set aside to honor and remember the men and women of the Unites States Military who have lost their lives while in service to our country.  There are no words that come close to expressing our gratitude to all who have stepped up, held up their... read more

Semper Fi Sisters Get Down and Dirty

The weekend of April 25th also saw Semper Fi Sisters at a different type of event. Our 1st ever SFS team competed in the Tough Mudder in Atlanta (Fairburn) Georgia in April! The team honored the “no man left behind” as they completed obstacles and raced... read more

Silver Star Wives Caregiver Retreat

Silver Star Wives Caregiver Retreat April 25th – 28th April 25th was a busy weekend for Semper Fi Sisters – In South Carolina we hosted our inaugural Silver Star Wives Caregiver Retreat and in Georgia participated in or cheered on Team Semper Fi Sisters in a... read more

Forget Me Not ~

Very often I think people believe that to make a difference they need to do something huge.   What I know that it’s the small things, the grass root efforts that in many ways make a tremendous impact.   It changes the lives of the participants, it lets someone... read more

Volunteer Outreach Ambassadors

VOLUNTEER OUTREACH AMBASSADORS Happy Monday every one! Semper Fi Sisters as an organization is fluid – we are growing and in doing so find we, from an organizational standpoint, needed to grow as well. Let me introduce one of our newest in house programs –... read more

Experiences shared ~

With a group such as Semper Fi Sisters there are as many stories of the journey as there are members. Once they graduate from basic/boot and start on their enlistments they, and we, walk to the same destination but all take a different path. We share, we find someone... read more